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DKW Consulting Ltd.

DKW Consulting Ltd is a wellsite geology, mudlogging and geosteering company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. We subcontract a versatile group of 25 wellsite geologists at a range of experience levels, as well as geosteering contractors. We take pride in our work and have built the company around professionalism, which to us means creating a great service that caters to our clients needs, with good communication on the job site, and cultivating safe work methods whether at the wellsite or driving home from wellsite. Our most recent expansion has been remote geosteering service. For convenience of our clients we now offer our service either remotely from our office, or we can set up a in-house hub anywhere in North America, we currently service major Shale operators in both United States and Canada.

We are a mid-sized consulting company and are growing into a leading provider of geoscience expertise for the petroleum exploration industry. Our corporate resume includes some 20 clients, and we are up for a challenge, prepared to to work in any environment in the world.


Real Time Monitoring

We use correlation software for visualization, correlation, and analysis of well data to provide immediate answers to the challenges which permeate the increasingly complex Shale plays in which we work.

Well Site Geology

We able to provide individual or teams for Daily Reporting and Data Management, LWD Data Quality Control, Formation Evaluation and Analysis, and Mud Logging Supervision.


Detecting pay zone, assisting well placement, and revealing reservoir connectivity in a timely manner. Decision-ready information about well status to drill better wells more efficiently.