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Remote Geosteering

With the advances in relaying real-time data from the rigs to the office our operations have adapted to include an efficient system for real-time remote monitoring and steering. Experienced wellsite geologists that have worked in the field and are operations experts are now using their skill sets to effectively steer multiple rigs at a time from a geosteering hub in the city. The setup is impressive, not simply for the functionality of communication that the hub serves, as clients can save time working through details for multiple rigs by going a single hub instead of making many phone calls, but also because of the cost effectiveness. We realize that Shale Play exploitation is still in a growth stage and cost savings is the most important factor for success in this industry, which means "drilling accurately and faster", this is our mantra, to create a service that lands in the correct location and continues to drill in the sweet spot for the duration of the lateral section. Our 24/7 monitoring service depends on great communication from our contractors, and relies on the fast decision making by the experienced professionals we have hired on. Our experienced personnel have drilled hundreds of horizontal wells through North American Shale Plays and are experienced in correlation and mapping software. We adapt to meet your needs, creating reports to be as effective as possible. Every Shale Play is different, and we understand that our clients needs come first and optimizing our associates skills to meet demands of drilling in Shale Plays is vital for success.

Our geo-navigation / geosteering consulting services provide drilling operators the critical information needed for landing and staying in the zone. This includes dip rate, position of bit in the earth, position of bit in the stratigraphic section, and the location and throw of faults. We provide comprehensive reports throughout the evaluation and interpretation process.