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  • Wellsite Services
    DKW Consulting is a full
    service wellsite geology, mud logging
    and remote geosteering service
    provider for the petroleum industry.
    Choosing DKW Consulting Ltd will optimize
    production results for your company.
  • Geosteering Services
    Our team provides professionalism
    in meeting our customers’ requirements,
    needs, and expectations.
    We aim high to provide accurate, timely
    information with strong lines of communication
    and emphasis on quality.

DKW Consulting Geological Services

We aim to provide the best possible wellsite services in the oil and gas industry, and that means meeting high standards of professionalism, and staying ahead of the latest technology and industry trends. Our greatest assets are the wellsite geologists that make up our team, they encompass a vast range of experience in conventionional and unconventional oil and gas plays. Our services provide reliable and accurate decision making information to maximize the potential of your play.

We also specialize in drilling North American Shale Plays and understand that efficiency is the key to success, and largely relies on correct placement of the wellbore. Our geosteering service monitors and positions the wellbore to stay in the payzone longer and drill faster by staying in geomechanical sweetspots, which maximizes well potential and cost effectiveness - this is a result of fast, competent decision making in the curve and lateral secitons of the well. With a group of highly skilled operations oriented geologists monitoring the wellbore position we have proven ourselves time and time again. We have a track record of increased cost savings as a result of faster drill times and fewer sidetracks. From the standpoint of both your drilling and geology team, monitoring stratigraphic position of the wellbore for Shale plays is a practice of efficiency.

Our remote monitoring services provide horizontal drilling operators the critical information needed for landing and staying in the payzone. This includes dip rate, stratigraphic position of bit, position of bit with respect to target, and the location and throw of faults. We provide comprehensive reports throughout the evaluation and interpretation process. Whether operating from an off-site remote location or integrating a dedicated in-house team this service is tailored to meet your needs, we are experienced in operations of drilling in all major North American Shale plays.

Our Mission


DKW Consulting Ltd has a long history of operating safely. We take safety very seriously, our record continues to be excellent, and it's something we strive for everyday.


We embrace leading edge technology for remote geosteering and at the well site, striving to provide each of our clients with precise data in order to make better decisions.


We encourage sub contractors to be professional and take pride in the accuracy of their work. Using process oriented regimen we build effective teamwork to excel in quality control and communication